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Vaccination and Immunisations

All vaccinations are given by appointment with a practice nurse during normal surgery hours. Please ensure the receptionist is aware of the reason for your appointment as injections can only be administered when a doctor is on the premises.

Tetanus Immunisation

Current recommendations are that you need 5 vaccinations in your lifetime.

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Pneumococcal Immunisation

This protects patients against the commonest form of pneumonia. It is recommended for all patients over 65 years or those with chronic diseases.

Influenza Immunisation

Influenza vaccines are available free of charge to patients over 65 by 31st March 2017, under 65 with a chronic medical condition, registered carers and pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy. The practice will hold open access clinics during September at St. Michael's Community Hall and all patients are invited by letter.

Childhood Influenza Vaccine

All children aged two, three and four on 31 August 2016 or under 18 and in an 'at risk' group will also be offered the seasonal flu vaccination in the 2016/17 season as a nasal spray.

Shingles Immunisation

The shingles vaccine is routinely available to people aged 70 or 78 on 1 September 2016.
Anyone eligible for immunisation in the previous three years of the programme who missed out on their shingles vaccination, remains eligible until their 80th birthday.
The shingles vaccine is not available on the NHS to anyone aged 80 and over because it seems to be less effective in this age group.

Meningitis ACWY Immunisation

All 18 year olds on 31 August 2016 are recommended to have a Meningitis ACWY vaccination. Invitation will be by letter and appointments should be made as soon as possible with a practice nurse. Young people remain eligible for this vaccine up until 25 years of age.

Childhood Immunisations

Parents will be informed by telephone or post when their child is due for immunisation. We request that parents remember to attend with their child's Red Book and do not book an appointment when siblings would be present.

New patients are requested to let the practice know if their child is due for a vaccine when they register.


For more information on the NHS vaccination schedule visit


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